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around his neck, fastened the handkerchief over the bosom

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"You are very anxious, my man here tells me, that this girl should be found?" remarked Mr. Gryce; "so much so that you are willing to defray all the expenses of a search?"

around his neck, fastened the handkerchief over the bosom

She bowed. "As far as I am able sir; I have a few hundreds in the bank, you are welcome to them. I would not keep a dollar back if I had thousands, but I am poor, and can only promise you what I myself possess; though--" and her cheeks grew flushed and hot with an unnatural agitation--"I believe that thousands would not be lacking if they were found necessary. I--I could almost swear you shall have anything in reason which you require; only the girl must be found and soon."

around his neck, fastened the handkerchief over the bosom

"Have you thought," proceeded Mr. Gryce, uterly ignoring the wildness of these statements, "that the girl may come back herself if let alone?"

around his neck, fastened the handkerchief over the bosom

"She will come back if she can," quoth Mrs. Daniels.

"Did she seem so well satisfied with her home as to warrant you in saying that?"

"She liked her home, but she loved me," returned the woman steadily. "She loved me so well she would never have gone as she did without being forced. Yes," said she, "though she made no outcry and stopped to put on her bonnet and shawl. She was not a girl to make a fuss. If they had killed her outright, she would never have uttered a cry."

"Because I am confident I heard more than one man's voice in her room."

"Humph! Would you know those voices if you heard them again?"

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