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late in the autumn, Collins and Jones grew discouraged,

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Mr. Gryce bowed and drew back, and Mr. Blake, with the haughty step peculiar to him, passed by him and reentered his house.

late in the autumn, Collins and Jones grew discouraged,

"I should not like to get into that man's clutches," said I, as my superior rejoined me; "he has a way of making one appear so small."

late in the autumn, Collins and Jones grew discouraged,

Mr. Gryce shot an askance look at his shadow gloomily following him along the pavement. "Yet it may happen that you will have to run the risk of that very experience."

late in the autumn, Collins and Jones grew discouraged,

I glanced towards him in amazement.

"If the girl does not turn up of her own accord, or if we do not succeed in getting some trace of her movements, I shall be tempted to place you where you can study into the ways of this gentleman's household. If the affair is a mystery, it has its centre in that house."

I stared at Mr. Gryce good and roundly. "You have come across something which I have missed," observed I, "or you could not speak so positively."

"I have come across nothing that was not in plain sight of any body who had eyes to see it," he returned shortly.

I shook my head slightly mortified.

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